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Bigman22 is back

Hi, this is Daniel with huge size 22 US feet.
Lately I have noticed that so many people made fake accounts, and sold my private videos and photos.
For now, I have started to sell my used huge size 22 shoes, and my used, streched out socks that covers my giant feet during gym, and collects my foot sweat.
I’m also available for private skype sessions with my feet. This includes comparsion, and you can check my 22s from different angles.

Daniel, aka Bigman

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Be my Foot Slave

You can join my other slaves in server me,  by subscribing to become either my foot slave or my lowly foot slave.

Lowly foot slaves get pictures of my feet,  when I feel like rewarding them.

Foot Slaves get videos of my feet,  when I feel like rewarding them,  which is more often then the lowly guys get.

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Some of you have been asking me to do some comparisons

Here are my huge size 22 feet next to other items