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Fun Facts about my Feet

My feet are 40cm long (almost 15 inches)

My big toe is 3 inches long

If I could shrink my foot in half,  I could fit into a size 11 shoe.


What else do you want to know?

13 thoughts on “Fun Facts about my Feet

  1. I would love to see some more comparisons with other people’s feet. Especially if we know what size the other foot is to truly appreciate your big feet

    1. become my foot slave. . you will see some.

      1. You are still active sir? I would like to donate

  2. What do you enjoy most about your height and beg feet?

    1. I love looking down on all you little people.
      love to have my feet worshiped.

  3. I want to see the video of you compared with a guy who is about 5’5″ and what size are his feet? I want to see you stepping on smaller guys and crushing them like a true giant.

  4. I would starve for getting my entire face buried for a long laps of time under your powerful giant foot soles and sherish, worship, suck and lick them until next morning…..,oh my God!

  5. Would you ever meet anyone for a session?

  6. Enjoy the vids. More please

  7. Wow. Wish u had more pic. Im 5’8 man with size 6 feet. Cant believe how big yours are!

    1. I have 2-3 vids with new slave mike

  8. I dont know why you feel ashamed by foot session. At the beginning My friend did’nt apreciate my foot massage but now he loves it and ask me each evening long session of foot massage.

  9. I’m 7’0″ 22 year old With Size 22 like you

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